Nothing can make a parent happier than seeing their little one smile. Here are just some of the many ways that you can get a smile to spread across your baby's face.
There’s nothing like seeing your little one’s shocked expression when they see their reflection for the first time. Whether they understand that they are staring at themselves or think that there is another baby on the other side, their reaction is definitely an adorable one. 
It could be blowing raspberries on your baby’s stomach or gentle tickling their toes but nothing beats your little one’s laugh.
Sometimes the simple sight of your teeth can get your baby to create a little smile of their own and let’s face it, out all of the ways on the list to get your baby to smile, this is definitely the sweetest one.
Words and tones
Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to what makes our babies smile and it can be something as simple as our tone use or the sound of certain words that can have your tot in fits of giggles.
Babies can definitely form a strong bond with your household pet. Sometimes it can be your pet’s ability to interact with your son or daughter or just the daily interactions of your pet that can have your tot smiling.
Loved ones
The older your baby gets, the more they’re able to recognise their loved ones. So the sound of your voice or their siblings’ or daddy’s sudden appearance will definitely make your little one happy.
Music has always been a calming and soothing source for babies but it can also be a definite way to make your little one smile too. Your baby could be listening to their favourite songs, watching their much-loved characters dance to music or sometimes enabling your tot to create music of their own, can get your tot smiling.