Smiling not only makes you more appealing to other people, it also has a number of other benefits that you might not have even known about before.


If you are looking for eight reasons to smile every day, then we’ve got you covered!


1. It boosts your immune system

It helps to relax your body and lower your heart rate.


2. Lowers your blood pressure

Smiling stimulates your body to create endorphins which can actually lower your blood pressure.



3. It makes you feel positive

Feeling positive can help to increase your life expectancy.


4. It helps reduce stress

Even a fake smile can help you feel less stressed.



5. Helps to retrain your brain

Smiling everyday helps our brain to think in a more positive way and make the feeling last longer.


6. It is contagious

Make someone else’s day!



7. It makes you feel more creative

The happy mood boost that you get from smiling can actually get your juices flowing!


8. It’s free

And that’s the best thing!