Indulging in a hot bath every now and then can do wonders for your stress levels and therefore your mental health.


And while all you really need is plenty of hot water and maybe some bubbles, if you are after the perfect experience, follow these eight tips.


Clear the bathroom of clutter

You will struggle to relax if the room is full of dirty towels and toys. It will only take about ten minutes and you’ll feel a lot better after, believe us!


Get all your towels ready

You don’t want to have to get up out of your lovely bath to frantically search for a clean towel. Have it ready before and it’ll be one less thing on your mind.


Have your products to hand

Once you’re in you won’t want to get out, so have all your beauty products within reach.


Line the bathroom with candles

Tealights along the end of the bath or on a shelf can create a truly relaxing atmosphere. Pure bliss!


Play some relaxing music

To really indulge yourself, play some soft, relaxing music to not only help you unwind but drown out the sound of the kids fighting!


Ensure it's the right temperature

You don’t want to get into a bath that’d make the Arctic feel warm nor do you want to scald the skin off yourself, so be careful. Make sure you check the temperature before you get in.


Plenty of bubbles

Fill the bath with plenty of bubbles – they definitely aren’t just for kids!


Pop the heating on

Finally, if you have a heater in the room turn it on to low - you don’t want to ruin your lovely, warm bath by stepping out into the freezing cold.