They may be small but don't let that deceive you into thinking newborn babies are anything but powerful.


They may not be able to climb like Spider-man or fly like Superman, but these tiny little humans have more power than any superhero that Marvel or DC Comics can EVER come up with. 


Don't believe us? Well, read on so: 


1. They have the ability to melt the heart of even the most burly of men

No person is immune.


2. The way their teeny, tiny grip is so incredibly strong 

You'll find yourself sitting for hours because you don't have the heart to break it. 


3. The fact that they can literally pull a crowd even when they are sleeping

ESPECIALLY when they are sleeping.


4. Their cry can summon you from the depths of slumber

Even if you haven’t slept for about a week.


5. The fact that they can make grown men cry

Usually from sheer exhaustion.


6. The way they can produce such a nasty smell that clears a room in seconds

Literally. Seconds. 


7. The fact that they can make other women want to have babies

Broody, anyone?


8. The way their presence can put a smile on the grumpiest of faces

Holding a happy baby is the BEST way to turn a bad day around.


9. The way they draw people to them with their sweet, sweet smell

Even from across the room! 



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