It feels odd, and hugely morbid to describe a tombstone for a child "sweet" or "meaningful," but recently, a tomb stone from a Salt Lake City Cemetery, designed by a child's father, is just that.


Matthew Stanford Robison was born paralysed, and spent most of his short life in a wheelchair, so when Matthew passed away, his father created a statue to depict his son "free of his earthly burdens."


The photo of the incredible tombstone is currently going viral online, after a Reddit user shared a brief version of young Matthew's story. This unique monument shows the young boy jumping upward, out of his wheelchair. 


But, it would seem as though the monument dedicated to Matthew is actually part of the cemetery's modern history - and is a place where local tourist visit. 



Photos of this powerful and moving grave have appeared online, and usually include snippets from Matthew's heartbreaking 1999 obituary:


"He was a testament to the supreme divinity of the soul and an embodiment of the completeness our spirits yearn for. The godliness of his soul inspired, influenced and blessed all who knew him.


"He came into this world as a miracle and left this world as a miracle.Born with severe earthly disabilities on September 23, 1988 in Salt Lake City to Johanna (Anneke) Dame Robison and Ernest Parker Robison."


"Matthew was a joy and inspiration to all who were privileged to know him. At birth, Matthew's life expectancy was anticipated to be only hours long. However, fortitude, strength, and endurance, combined with the power of God allowed Matthew to live ten and one-half years enveloped in the love of his family and friends.


"His family was privileged to spend time with him here upon earth, to learn from his courage and marvel at his constant joy and happiness in the face of struggle.


"His family will be eternally changed by his presence and temporally changed by his passing. His presence inspired all those who knew him. He opened their hearts as well as their eyes."


The tombstone, oddly, gives Matthew's parents strength - in the hope that their beautiful son is now at peace, and  "free of his earthly burdens."