A matter of life or death: First aid saved my babys life

By Selina Looney

This post isn't to scare but to inform you of the importance of knowing basic first aid from my experiences. 

On Thursday evening, Theo had a choking incident here at home and it could have proven to be fatal had it not been for the infant first aid courses I have done over the years. 

In the past two years I saved my youngest two boys' lives. 

Even writing these words gives me shivers.

Never did I imagine being a mom would be so rewarding yet so so unbelievably terrifying.

First aid training is not just for emergency services personnel. 

The reason Noah and Theo are here today is because I had the first aid training to save them. I'm still trying to come to terms with what happened, as it turns out what happened to Noah two years ago is still quite raw and I have never really dealt with it so the fear was crippling. 

The fear that washed over me is something I will never forget.

The silence was deafening. 

In that moment all I could hear were my own thoughts, screaming NO NO NO NOT AGAIN. 

For a split second, I was paralysed by fear. 

Fear that I couldn't save him, fear that this time my baby would die. 

Instinct, memory and adrenaline took over and I swiftly turned him over, delivering back slaps in an attempt to dislodge what he was choking on, flipping him over and checking and back to deliver more back slaps, while making my way to the front door to call for help from the neighbours. 

His lips blue, eyes bulging.

It is a look I will never forget.

Fear that he was not going to make it. Fear that mommy couldn't save him. 

But I did. I saved him. Me. 

First aid SAVES lives.

I didn't have confidence in myself this time but having done so many courses instinct kicked in, I didn't have to think, I just knew what to do.

If you are a mom dad,uncle, aunt or anyone that is around kids, I encourage you take an infant first aid course.

 I pray you may never need to use it but first aid can be a matter of life or death. 

And your child's life is worth saving.

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