I have just packed my suitcase for my hen do. I feel excited, anxious and apprehensive.


I’m worried about leaving my kids, I’ve always got one of them, never been without them. If someone has them over night, i am up and ready to get them by 9am the following day. It is so needed though, just to have to worry about myself.


But, I am so excited at the same time. You help with the kids a lot, but you don't have them by yourself a great deal of time, so here’s a little something for you to read while I’m away for a day or so.


Enjoy every minute, enjoy the tantrums, the whinging, the laughs, the smiles, the cuddles and the kisses. Enjoy tucking them in, bathing them and getting them ready for bed. I know they listen to you a lot more than they listen to me, but let them have some fun – make it like a little holiday. If they want a brioche, give them a brioche and for god sake, for your own sanity, get them some more ‘ Disney Cars Cereal' that I forgot to order them with the shopping this evening, because I'm a bad wife.


Make sure they have a wash and brush their teeth.. properly. Try not to stress, let them watch a film together in Kellan’s bed, let them play with all their toys but make sure they tidy up, I don’t want to be scrubbing the house top to bottom when I get home Sunday evening while I’m hanging.


I will have all three of you in my thoughts, most of the day while I'm sipping on my wine and enjoying peeing in peace and getting ready by myself. It will feel like a holiday, but my god, I will hug them so tight when I get home, because as much as they drive me crazy, I am going to miss them so bloody much.. & you, I will miss you too, obviously.


I feel uneasy about leaving, I know you will be fine, and so will the kids, I will be texting you, so please text me back so I don’t think up the most craziest scenarios in my head, you know what I'm like.


I can’t even lie, I am going to run out that door tomorrow morning, prossecco in hand, waving you off. But rest assure, I will feel guilty for leaving them.


I will be home Sunday evening, please try and keep the boys up so I can kiss them goodnight. Just remember, they are used to being with Mummy all the time, be patient with them. This is completely out of their routine, and one more thing, like I said above, enjoy every minute. I know I will.

Stay at home mummy of two boys aged four and two. Wife to be. I'm a coffee lover and Disney fanatic just trying my best at parenting.

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