All the reasons you SHOULD travel with your toddler

It was May a couple of years ago when we took to the skies with our then 19-month-old little lady, and we flew to Ibiza for a week of sun, sea and sand! 

I won't lie, I was anxious beforehand. I took to careful planning like it was a military operation and lists were checked numerous times!

Of course, this was a biggie though, 2.5 hours there and back not to mention the transfers in between. 

The next month, we jetted off to Edinburgh, and despite it not being as long a journey, I felt way more relaxed that time around, and I think it was just about taking that first leap to trust that it could be done. 

To some, travelling with babies/toddlers just sounds like a nightmare never to be entered, but it can be easy if you make it so.

When we went to Ibiza, we had a couple of hiccups that were, unfortunately, out of our own control along the way but overall it could not have gone better. 

So, why travel with these unpredictable little humans you ask? Well, there are more reasons than you may be thinking!

1. Some will say "they'll never remember so it's pointless." I don't believe this to be true personally. As they grow, and as you travel more, of course, there are going to be things that those first few trips away have given to your child, such as integration and acceptance with other cultures! When we were playing on the beach in Ibiza. my curious little toddler went over to a lovely Italian lady and her grown-up daughter next to us and there she stayed for a good 20 minutes. Language didn't matter, and it was beautiful to see! 

2. Self-catering apartments - Gathering your family up in a little hotel room sounds less than ideal, but when it's a self-catering apartment, this was made for families! We all know how fussy some children can be with food in particular, so being able to get a mini shop in for yourselves is the perfect solution, and saves on eating out all the time! You can get great saving on these apartments too at the touch of a button.

3. Speaking of food, if you have an adventurous little one, they may try something new! Isla loved her first taste of battered squid!

4. Travel cheap - Under 2's are free to fly (except taxes may vary) and normally get to stay free with Mum and Dad in a hotel room. You will find that public transport and certain attractions will be free for them also!

5. Travel whenever suits you - When you aren't limited by school holidays, time is yours!

6. You are making fond memories for yourselves too! 

Have you got any more reasons you would add to the list?

Rachael enjoys personal blogging about her new journey as a mother and all things random in between.
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