Helpful & budget-friendly wellness tips to incorporate into your daily routine

Between TikTok and Instagram, the wellness world has grown immensely in the past while. 

While we all love watching other people share their tips and tricks on how to incorporate wellness more into our everyday lives, sometimes there’s just too much to wrap our heads around. 

If you’re looking to improve your wellness game but are unsure of where to start, have a look at the 4 budget-friendly wellness trends we think are definitely worth adding to your daily routine and start there!

Gua Sha

You can invest in a Gua Sha stone or simply use your knuckles along with some face oil to gently drag from your chin and cheekbones out towards the edge of your face and down your neck. From improving blood circulation, reducing stress and decreasing puffiness, this technique has many benefits. Make sure to watch a tutorial on YouTube on how to do this properly so you can reap all of the rewards. 


This may seem like a basic form of wellness but it can often be overlooked by more physical exercises. Meditating is free and great for people that don’t have much extra time for themselves as you can do it in minutes. Whether you meditate by yourself right before bed or follow a guided meditation on YouTube when you first wake-up, making time to meditate will help to improve your mental state and relieves stress. 

Dry brushing 

Dry brushing before you have a shower can have many benefits for your body. Not only is this a great way to gently exfoliate your skin, but this practice can help to increase circulation around your body and aids lymphatic draining. It’s also very budget-friendly as you only need a body brush!

Hair oiling

Perfect for anybody with damaged hair or who is looking to add some moisture to any dead ends. Pop some hair oil (rosemary is one or our favourites!) onto your scalp and allow it to marinate before washing out. Ideal for those of us who scrape our hair back during the day or when going for a run, so you can oil your hair while working out.