Have you ever wanted to look a certain way for a special occasion but simply could not find the right outfit? Same. 


Well, let this amazing young lady be your inspiration.


This incredible 5-year-old couldn't find a dress she liked for her preschool graduation, so she decided to design her own. 


And WOW, are we obsessed with this little one's marvellous pink creation. 



Ash Leon took to Twitter recently to share pictures of her little cousin's preschool graduation, informing her followers that the cutie had designed her own dress. 


The mermaid style dress was designed with shades of pink and used the mediums tulle, sequins and feathers - yes girl, yes. 


The fashion prodigy accessorised appropriately for her graduation, rocking white elbow length gloves and a lace headband - just like a princess.


The tot also opted for a lick of pink lipstick to finish off the look, in what was a super example colour coordination! We can’t even deal with her, she's so cute.



Ash posted a number of pictures on Twitter of the stunning little girl, captioning them: "My 5 year old cousin insisted on designing her own dress for her pre-k graduation. i’m so proud of her levels of EXTRA."


The pictures, which were uploaded earlier this week, have since been retweeted almost 5,000 times, and likes over 14,000 times. 


If this is her preschool graduation dress, can you IMAGINE what this little one's wedding gown will be like?