Angela Scanlon admits becoming a mum ‘pushed’ her ‘to go into therapy’

Becoming a mother for the first time can only be described as a surreal, incredible and exhausting experience — one which prompted presenter Angela Scalon to seek out therapy.

Angela and her husband Roy Horgan welcomed the birth of their first daughter Ruby in 2018 and their second daughter Marnie in February this year.

Opening up about the struggles of becoming a new mum, the Ask Me Anything host revealed that “it hasn’t been an easy journey”.

During a recent Instagram Q&A, the mum-of-two spoke candidly about her postpartum mental health, admitting, “I struggled massively after my first baby. I wasn't aware really at the time but it did push me to go into therapy which is the best gift I've ever given myself.”

“I think the odd down day or period is totally normal but if you're in a fog for months then don't be afraid to ask for help or speak to someone about it.”

“Often we feel embarrassed or ashamed because we're supposed to be in that divine 'baby bubble'. I have thankfully felt a lot of that this time but it hasn't been an easy journey,” she continued.

“It's intense! Their needs, your needs, the guilt, the joy... there is so much to process and hormones on top of everything. I'm trying to just accept and also lower expectations.

"Things don't need to be perfect. It can go to s*** multiple times a day but we're surviving!” the Ratoath native added.

Angela subtly announced the birth of her second child earlier this year, sharing a photo of a beautifully decorated cake, with the words ‘Hello Baby’ iced on top. “Still eating this. Mainly the butter icing with my bare claws,” she wrote in the Instagram caption.

Two weeks later the Irish presenter revealed that she and her hubby decided to name their second daughter Marnie Fae Horgan.

“Chapped lips & chapped nips can only mean one thing… our little woman has arrived!! We are besotted,” Angela lovingly announced at the time.