'Another member for Team Trump': Eric Trump and wife expecting their first child


It’s congratulations for Eric and Lara Trump who are expecting their first child together.


The pair are expecting the little on in September and are said to be delighted.


“We found out on my birthday, which was pretty cool,” Eric told People magazine.



Lara, who is in her second trimester, says she was shocked by how tired she was at the beginning of her pregnancy.


“I was exhausted in the beginning,” she said.


“It surprised me, because I’m a very active person, and until the fatigue hit, I didn’t believe it would actually happen to me.


“It really affected me. But I’m feeling really good now.”



Eric is the third child and second son of the US President, Donald Trump, and this child will be the president’s ninth grandchild.


The couple are already thinking of names for their first son, but ran into some complications in the process.


“We really loves the name Charlie, but we’d already named our dog that, so it’s out,” Eric says.


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