Many of us are dealing with anxiety on a daily basis. 


While it can be overwhelming sometimes, several tools have been proved to help with the condition, such as mindfulness meditation, physical activity or therapy. 


Having to deal with this issue herself, Irish author and co-founder of Caroline Foran has been vocal on the topic for several years and written two books about it. 


Today, the author of The Confidence Kit: Your Bullsh*t-Free Guide to Owning Your Fear took part in the launch the Bio-Kult ‘Survive Summer’ campaign. 


“Anxiety is something I’ve really grappled with over the years, and among the many tools I employ to manage it, I really notice a massive difference when I look after myself from the inside out, particularly by prioritising my gut health", Caroline Foran said.


"Working in the media and promoting my books has its challenges for someone who feels fear a lot, but I always listen to my body and take breaks to recuperate when I need them. Owning and understanding my anxiety is really important to me when dealing with anxiety."


For the journalist, anxiety management starts with accepting you have an issue: “Some of my top tips for dealing with anxiety are to work with your anxiety rather than against it, take the time to figure out where it's coming from and address lifestyle factors and also equip your body with what it needs to handle stress as it comes your way”, she said.



Recent studies have shown the link between gut health and brain function, so looking after your gut health should definitely be a part of your plan if dealing with anxiety. Known to promote a healthy gut, probiotic supplements can help by providing relief for symptoms of anxiety, while improving general wellbeing.


During the event, nutritionist Eva Hill-Hamilton also shared her top tips for relieving symptoms of anxiety through your diet.


1.    Avoid sugar, stimulants and additives that aggravate anxiety and disturb sleep.


2.    Swap your coffee/tea for green tea. The antioxidant and L-theanine content in green tea can help to improve mood, while its low caffeine content helps the withdrawal symptoms.


3.    Eat in regular intervals and include protein and essential fats in every meal. The more balanced your blood sugar levels are, the more you can regulate stress hormone production.


4.    Take a multi-strain probiotic that supports the gut-brain axis. Certain strains have been identified to be able to reduce anxiety, such as Bifidobacterium longum, breve, infantis and Lactobacilli plantarum, helveticus and rhamnosus. All these strains are in the Bio-Kult Advanced multi-strain formula, designed by neurologist Dr Natasha Campbell McBride.


5.    Practice relaxation techniques such as controlled breathing, meditation and prayer to quiet a racing mind and reduce stress hormone levels.


6.    Exercise, especially in nature. Amongst its many documented physiological benefits, regular exercise elevates the mood and helps to combat anxiety disorder.


7.    Try herbal remedies to help you cope with stress and sleep problems and reduce anxiety. Lemon balm, passion flower, chamomile, holy basil, and Schisandra are but a few examples. Always check for contraindications if taking any prescription medications.


If you have been suffering from anxiety, we'd love to hear your tips for dealing with it.