You may think you don’t need to worry about baby-proofing your home until your baby is mobile.
However, it is better to start as early as possible, even in pregnancy, and continue to baby-proof every day and every year as your baby develops and learns new skills.
There are many, many things in a home that can cause harm to your baby, it is not just corners. It is best to go through every room in your home and identify potential risks to your baby that may exist there.
It is important to note that there is no better way of ensuring your baby’s safety in the home than keeping an eye on them and not leaving them unsupervised.
  • Doors
Doors should be locked securely so that baby can not in any way exit the home unattended. A gate can be installed if you wish to have the door open.
  • Windows
Windows should be shut tightly or a safety mechanism installed. Any blinds that have cords should be removed as should any other hanging items that could pose potential strangulation risk to a baby.
  • Plugs
All plugs should be covered tightly and baby-proofed. Any cords such as lamp cords, TV etc. should be out of reach to ensure baby can’t chew them.
  • Corners
Cover all sharp corners with soft bumpers so that baby doesn’t harm his head as he learns to pull himself up.
  • Stairs
Baby should have no access to the stairs and gates should be installed to make sure. It is best to have a gate that is actually screwed into the wall rather than pressurised as many are. 
  • Kitchen
The kitchen is a room in which many risks exists and must be baby-proofed well. The oven must be in no way accessible to baby and knobs should be removed when not using. Medicine and cleaning products presses should be locked tightly as should the fridge and all cutlery and knives sets.
  • Bathroom
Place a lock on the toilet seat to ensure baby can’t fall in. Don’t leave any plastic bags in the bin and never leave baby unattended in the bath at any time. It may be best to have a gate on the bathroom door.
  • Living room
The living room is often the place where baby learns to roll over, crawl, pull himself up, walk and climb. This means everything should be stable and safe. The floor should be clean and ensure there are no small pieces on the floor that baby could eat. All shelves should be bolted to the wall. Any plants and flowers should be out of baby’s reach as should any ornaments or photo frames. TVs should be in no way susceptible to falling over and must be stable.
  • Bedroom
Remove any blinds that have cords and install a window guard. Make sure baby can’t access any of his own baby products (talcum powder, nappy rash cream etc.)