The most painful teething period lasts around two to three days. The teething process lasts for around two to three years and the severity of the discomfort can vary from one child to the other. Most babies will experience some sort of discomfort. However, if your baby is a sensitive teether, the experience can be more painful making it difficult for her to get a good night's sleep.
Using cool teething toys can help the child during the day. At night, teething tablets or gel like Bonjela can be used to ensure that your child gets her full night's sleep. Your paediatrician is the best person to suggest which pain reliever will work best for your child, depending on how severe the pain or discomfort is.
A pain reliever should be given around fifteen minutes before bedtime. Another dose can be given if the baby wakes up in the middle of the night and you know she is experiencing discomfort due to the teething. However, make sure that the next dose is given at least six to eight hours after the previous dose.
The severe pain usually will lessen within two to three days and your baby will go back to sleeping as soundly as always once the pain subsides.