When you’re pregnant, people will tell you to take plenty of time to ‘prepare’ your home for your baby’s arrival – but we have no idea just how much stuff we need until the little tot arrives.


Suddenly, we’re laden down with changing bags and supplies for a quick trip to the shops, and there’s a baby bottle in every room of the house.


If that last part really resonates with you, then we’re betting you will love Brooke McDaniel’s handy storage hack.


With not one but two children on bottles, the Texan mum was sick of the clutter and decided to do something about it. She didn’t need to look too far for a solution, however – it was staring her straight in the face, in her shower!


Brooke took to Facebook to share a photo of a makeshift bottle holder she set up in her kitchen, using a shower caddy she purchased for just $12.



She described it as the ‘best bottle holder I could ever have’, writing: “All my bottles on one wall space I wasn’t utilising, instead of having a cabinet with bottles overflowing from it.”


While Brooke is using the top two rows to store her bottles of varying sizes, the hooks underneath are currently holding her children’s soothers and teething toys. Genius!


The simple but clever hack has garnered plenty of attention online, gathering over 100,000 shares across Facebook alone!


Judging from all of the positive feedback on Brooke’s post, she is clearly helping a lot of other mums to stay organised – but, naturally, there has been some negative feedback. Never expecting her hack to appeal to anyone beyond her friends, Brooke updated her post to address the criticism.


Referring to the suggestion that she has too many bottles (exactly how many is too many?), Brooke explained: “I have two children on bottles and not enough time to wash them six times a day.



“This amount ensures my children will have enough to get through 24 hours with ease, and besides, I’m the type of mother who would rather have too much of something my children need than not enough.”


As for the comments criticising the fact that her bottle teats are exposed, Brooke added: “This is my home; those nipples don’t come in contact with anything but the air we breathe. So, if you feel you can’t use an exposed nipple in your own home, you should really be more concerned with your cleaning habits.”


Brooke didn’t want her post to finish on a sour note, however, and she had this message to send to any fellow mums reading: “If no one told you today – YOU ARE AN AWESOME MUM!”


We love everything about this post. You go, Brooke!