With social media becoming an increasingly time consuming part of our children’s lives, it’s important that we arm ourselves with the knowledge to keep them safe on the web.


We often worry about children’s physical safety, however, sometimes their psychological well-being can sometimes be overlooked.


From cyber-bullying to sexts, there are many aspects of the internet that can have a major impact on their emotional state.



In her book, Keeping Your Child Safe on Social Media: Five Easy Steps, Anne McCormack enables parents with a five-step guide to supporting your child to stay safe and mentally healthy on social media.


Through case studies and simple language, Anne McCormack’s guide is the perfect tool for parents worried about the child’s safety on the internet.


This book is also a great buy for teachers, youth workers and others involved in the lives of young people.


Anne McCormack is a psychotherapist based in Dublin and has over 15 years’ experience working with families and young people.  


She’s dubs herself a social media expert, understanding how internet use has changed the landscape for parents.



Keeping Your Child Safe on Social Media: Five Easy Steps is published by Orpen Press and can be purchased here.