Bounce back to youthful looking skin in just one week with NeoStratas revolutionary new product

NeoStrata, a leader in skincare innovation, announces the launch of their groundbreaking Rebound Sculpting Cream, a plush and hydrating face cream designed to target 10 key signs of ageing. Formulated with the breakthrough MicroDiPeptide229™ technology, this cream promises a lifted, sculpted, and recontoured appearance, including a noticeable improvement in jawline contour and lift.

Peptides, renowned for their skin-revitalising properties, are the cornerstone of this revolutionary cream. NeoStrata's team of research scientists spent eight years perfecting MicroDiPeptide229™, a unique lifting and firming peptide that is 2.5 times smaller than leading topical cosmetic peptides, ensuring optimal delivery into the skin's surface. Scientifically proven to support the skin's natural building blocks, including elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid, this micro-sized peptide provides a visibly lifted and sculpted look.

In addition to MicroDiPeptide229™, Rebound Sculpting Cream is enriched with a proprietary blend of micro peptides, AHAs, and volumising ingredients. The AHA/PHA Blend resurfaces age spots and uneven texture, while Aminofil works to plump and firm the skin for a more lifted appearance. Swiss Alpine Plant Extracts brighten and even skin tone, while Arginine reduces the potential for skin irritation.
Users can expect visible results with twice-daily use. After 12 weeks, a staggering 94 percent of product users reported more defined cheekbones, 100 percent noticed lifted skin with diminished fine lines, and 88 percent reported a more contoured jawline.

"We're thrilled to introduce Rebound Sculpting Cream to our lineup of innovative skincare solutions," said Nuala Anne Curley, Head of marketing at NeoStrata Ireland. "With its advanced formula and clinically proven results, we believe it will revolutionise the way people approach anti-aging skincare."

Join the Rebound revolution and experience visibly sculpted, lifted and brighter skin.

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