A young teenager who died suddenly in June 2015 is being remembered by her friends and family with beautiful street art.


Georgia Murphy died aged just 13 years old, after suffering a mysterious allergic reaction. 


After eating pizza with friends on June 18, 2015, Georgia was walking home when she began to experience tightness of the chest, according to The Irish Independent


She was rushed to hospital suffering from cardiac arrest and died three days later in Our Lady's Children's Hospital, in Crumlin.



An inquest into Georgia's sudden death has been adjourned until June to allow time for more information to be gathered.


Prior to her death, Georgia had made a list of things she had wanted to do during her summer holidays. One of these was to decorate her local neighbourhood with chalk street art. 


At her funeral, mourners were encouraged to take a piece of chalk to draw a picture of a duck, as her nickname was "Duck".


Now, her friends and family are fulfilling her dream by drawing pictures of ducks around the neighbourhood.




They have urged others to get involved and share photos of the drawings to the Facebook page Ducks for Georgia.


The page has since gone viral, with people uploading photos and videos of ducks and duck street art all around the world to honour Georgia's memory. 


Wicklow Rapid Response shared a photo of one of their vehicles with a duck on the back. Others have shared photos of duck stone sculptures, sand drawings and chalk etchings.


The family are using the beautiful murals to help raise funds for The Asthma Society.


If you wish to help raise funds, you can do so by texting BREATH to 50300 along with your drawing.