Fish make great first time pets for kids as they involve very little maintenance. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t need any looking after what so ever.


If you are thinking of getting one, bear in mind the following tips before you bring your new pet home:


Choose the right tank

Don’t put more than one fish into a small bowl and while it might look like a lot of work, a  larger tank is less hassle as it can keep itself clean.


Don’t put your fish into the tank straight away

Before you put fish into your new tank make sure you clean it. Once you have filled it with water allow it to sit for about two or three days to ensure there are no impurities present.


Invest in a filter

When choosing a filter make sure you go for one that will fit in with your tank. It will need to be changed when you start to notice the water is cloudy or dirty.


Check the pH

Fish prefer a balanced pH of about seven, although you can get fish who prefer a more acidic or basic water. You can pick up pH testing kits in your local pet store.


Don’t just transfer the fish in straight away

Don’t just pop the fish in the tank as soon as you take it home. Instead place it while still in the plastic bag, into the water and allow it to regulate its temperature.