From obesity to oral health, quite a number of concerning children’s issues have been highlighted in recent times, but this latest one has really unnerved us today.


Many have reacted in alarm to this week’s news that Britain’s first specialist drug and alcohol rehabilitation unit for CHILDREN will be open before the end of 2016.


According to a report in the Mirror, the new unit will be based in Cornwall’s Bosence Farm Community and will offer detox and dependency treatment to under-18s.


Specialising in alcohol, drug and legal high abuse, the unit will initially focus on 16- to 18-year-olds – although administration expects to welcome in even younger teens and tweens.


Services provided at the unit – which is scheduled to open in November – will include residential assessment, stabilisation and detoxification.


Commenting on the news, Chief Executive Kate Cook said that this will solve a long-running problem for parents who are struggling to deal with addiction in their families.


“We know that there are significant barriers to parents in need of treatment taking up residential support because of concern for their children's wellbeing, particularly when the seriousness of their problems may mean they lose custody altogether…This centre will mean that we can help families and individuals with complex needs right here in Cornwall, and significantly improve the outcomes,” she said.


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