Postbirth Recovery

All you need to know about postbirth issues like healing, the baby blues and bleeding. Find all when you can takes steps to start to get your life back to (some kind of!) normal.

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Sex after birth: what do I need to know?

You may be wondering when you can resume a normal sex life after giving birth
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Why does your baby bite during breastfeeding?

Understanding why your baby bites and dealing with it
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Post-natal exercise: When will your body be ready?

Most mums know that losing baby weight is a matter of a healthy diet and exercise. However, you might be unsure as to when you can start exercising.
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How can I tighten my pelvic muscles after giving birth?

Kegel exercises are a great way to tighten up the pelvic muscles after giving birth
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What can I expect at my post-natal check-up?

The last check-up with the obstetrician is an important appointment to keep. What happens? 
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I'm worried about bowel movement after birth. Will it hurt?

Many women are embarrassed to ask about going to the toilet after birth
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Post natal depression: do I need help?

Post natal depression is fairly common among new mums and it shares many of the same symptoms as other types of clinical depression.
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