Zarbee’s survey reveals how the smallest acts of kindness have the greatest value

A recent survey by Zarbee’s, a new honey-based range of cough syrups and immune support* products, has found that almost two thirds of us believe the Irish are innately kind, agreeing that kindness is in our nature.  Over three quarters (77%) reported feeling a significant positive impact on their well-being and self-esteem when in receipt of a small act of kindness, while almost half noted how kindness shown to them instantly helps reduce stress levels.  The survey was carried out on behalf of Zarbee’s to take a look at how, in the season of colds, flu and feeling blue, little acts of kindness can go a long way in helping us to squeeze more feel-good factor and positivity into each day to the benefit of our overall well-being and that of those all around us. 

With a range of immune support products to be taken daily, Zarbee’s survey looked at the most important factors to us in building resilience over the colder months.  Regular exercise, good diet and spending time outdoors were rated in our top three.  A huge majority (84%) agreed that spending time outdoors in nature as very important for personal wellbeing.  Nearly three quarters reported feeling happier after time in nature while 67% agreed they felt healthier, less stressed and less anxious overall. 

Speaking about the survey, Niamh Sugrue, Zarbee’s Brand Manager Ireland said “Zarbee’s survey found that while over half of us (52%) understand the importance of self-care, we don’t seem to prioritise ourselves.  Just 15% of us take time off completely to fully recuperate when ill, while nearly three quarters admitted to working through at least some of our sick days to try and keep on top of things. Zarbee’s believes that kindness isn’t about looking after everyone else, it’s also about looking after yourself too.” 

However, it seems when we are feeling under the weather, we also place the greatest value on the kindness of others.  A total of 79% of respondents rated help from someone when we are ill in top place as the most valuable act of kindness.  Respondents in the Zarbee’s survey rated a check-in call from family or friends as the second most valuable kind act with 63% of the vote, further showing how nurturing relationships are highly valued.  In third place, at 53%, was a hug from family or friends.  A smile or a hello from a stranger came just behind this, highlighting the significance of simple, everyday gestures of kindness.  It seems those small, kind acts can have the most significant impact and don’t have to cost the earth.  Unexpected gifts were ranked fifth place with 39% of the vote, showing while we still value physical gifts, we place greater value on the time spent with the person who might be giving them.

A huge 80% of respondents also endorse the belief in the reciprocity of kindness, the idea that people see value in being kind and expect that kindness will be returned to them.  This is supported by a belief in the power of positive behaviour and the potential for kindness to create a chain reaction of goodwill in society.  Over two thirds (68%) believe in the ‘pay it forward’ effect of kindness while just over 85% agreed in the statement that ‘kindness is contagious.’  When asked about their personal motivation to be kind to others, personal satisfaction and feelings of ‘goodness’ came out on top, with respondents noting how kindness made them feel better, citing the positive emotions experienced when both giving and receiving, in addition to valuing kindness as a core value.

Kindness, it seems, is in our nature but as the season’s change and days seem to be as busy as ever, kindness to ourselves as well as to others has never been more important to support our own health and well-being and that of our whole hive. New to Ireland, Zarbee’s is inspired by nature, powered by kindness and with curated ingredients backed by science‡, providing two great tasting ranges; Cough & Sore Throat syrups (medical devices) for the treatment of coughs and sore throats, and Immune Support supplements developed to support your family’s immune system*.  All of Zarbee’s products are made with naturally sourced ingredients, with blends of pure honey, botanicals and vitamins across the whole range, with no artificial colours or flavours.

Zarbee’s is available in pharmacies and major retailers nationwide from RRP €7.99

‡*Vitamins C & D contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

Cough & Sore Throat syrups are medical devices to relieve any dry or chesty cough.  For children 2+ years.

Immune Support liquids are food supplements and should not be used as a substitute for a varied balanced diet. For children 3+ years.