Drinking gin can ease hayfever symptoms, according to science

Summer is almost here, which means months of constant sneezing and itchy, puffy eyes are ahead of us. For those of us who suffer from hayfever, summer can be quite a rotten time, despite the bright blue skies and sunshine.

Finding a cure for hayfever can feel like mission impossible. Sure, you could stock up antihistamines, but remembering to take them is a task in itself.

Well, what if we told you that the answer could actually lie within your favourite bottle of gin?

Now, we know what you're thinking... Doesn't alcohol make hayfever and asthma symptoms worse?

Not necessarily. According to Asthma UK, gin could actually be the best choice of drink for hayfever sufferers.

While 64 percent of asthmatics claim that alcohol can make their allergies worse, it seems it's actually the darker beverages that are at fault.

Drinks like red wine, beer and whiskey actually contain two triggering chemicals- histamine and sulphites.

Asthma UK instead suggests that sufferers opt for clear spirits such as gin or vodka in order to keep their symptoms at bay.

Now, we're not saying a tall G&T will provide a miracle cure, but it's definitely your best option on a sunny afternoon.

Gin is a particularly good choice as it does not contain any sulphites.

We’ll drink to that!