Want to commit to reading more? Here are our top tips to become a bookworm

Even if you think of yourself as an avid reader, we can all fall into reading slumps where we just can’t focus on reading. Whether it’s the changing weather, stress at work or finishing a book you really didn’t enjoy, it’s easy to find yourself in a reading slump. 

Whatever your reason is for not reaching for a book at the moment, there is no need to feel discouraged. It is easy to pick back up where you left off and find yourself ticking books off your ‘To Be Read’ list again. 

Have a look at our top tips to fighting a reading slump below!

Re-read your favourite book

Going back to re-read a favourite book of yours is a great way to make you fall back in love with reading. It can remind you why you love reading in the first place and can give you a boost if you’ve just finished a book that you didn’t love.

Time yourself 

Setting a specific time for reading every day is a great way to get it back in your routine. Whether that be 20 minutes in the morning before you get up and start your day, or an hour before you go to sleep, setting a timer on your phone is a great way to make sure you get even a few minutes of reading done each day. Setting an alarm on your phone is also a smart idea to remind yourself to read.

Book club

Joining a local or online book club will help encourage you to read and really take in the story so you are prepared to talk about it in your next meeting. If you’re not one to meet up with others and discuss books, make your own little book club with your friends. It’s a good excuse to get people close to you reading and to catch up with your besties every few weeks.

Try a new genre 

Sometimes we fall into reading slumps because we’re bored of the same genre. The stories can all merge into one another and you can find yourself getting fed up with the same style of writing. Try a genre that is completely new to you to get you interested in reading again. Learning about a completely new world, whether it’s fictional or not, can help you fall back in love with reading. 

Make it a challenge 

If you’re a competitive person, setting a challenge is a great way to encourage yourself to reach for your novel after a busy day of work or study. Maybe you want to read 10 pages a day or finish an entire book in a week, making a challenge adds a time restraint to your reading, making you more likely to do it. Plus, a little competition never hurts anyone!

Read through a different medium 

You might think you’re too busy to find time to pick up a book and read it, but there are many mediums of reading a book that are less time consuming. Listening to an audiobook on your way to work, during a nice walk or while cleaning your home allows you to do multiple things at once. Similarly, giving a graphic novel a go can help with a reading slump as they are very quick to flick through and the right one can get you looking forward to reading novels again.

Make it a date

Rather than seeing reading as a chore because you’ve set yourself a New Year’s resolution to read more this year, turn it into a date for yourself. Create a relaxing environment to enjoy your book. Run yourself a nice bubble bath and light some candles as you get back into reading or grab a coffee, sit in your local park and have a reading date, and rather than scrolling on your phone, get lost in the words on the pages of your book.