What is Nappy Rash?
When a baby is wearing a wet nappy, bacteria reacts with the urine on the nappy to form ammonia. If the nappy isn't changed quickly, the ammonia can "burn" your baby's delicate skin.
Why does nappy rash occur?
When your baby wets a nappy, bacteria react with the urine on the nappy to form ammonia. If the nappy isn‘t changed quickly, the ammonia can "burn" your baby‘s delicate skin. If a nappy is wet and soiled at the same time, this causes a different chemical reaction which can irritate and damage the skin even more. Nappy rash can affect all the delicate skin around your baby’s bottom and inner thighs, and may be particularly bad in skin folds and creases.
Preventing nappy rash
CaldeSpray is a zinc oxide milk spray for nappy rash. This concentrated spray has excellent skin adherent and skin protective properties which form a protective barrier against wetness. CaldeSpray helps protect against skin disorders such as nappy rash.
How CaldeSpray helps
CaldeSpray is the ideal choice for busy mums and dads on the go:
  • Easy application
    • CaldeSpray couldn't be easier to use - Shake well and apply 1 - 2 sprays to baby at each nappy change to protect against nappy rash.
  • No need to rub
    • Spray and go - With CaldeSpray there is no mess and no sticky fingers. Guaranteed!
  • No direct contact with skin
    • This eliminates the danger of infection and cross-communication
  • No need to irritate baby's delicate skin
    • There is no need to worry about further irritating the affected area or causing baby any pain or distress as the skin does not need to be touched
  • Protects against nappy rash at every change