While we are all aware that a massage can greatly reduce our stress levels, did you know that it can make us feel better mentally in general?


Here are six ways a massage can help you have a healthy mind:


Helps your body relax

A massage can help your body relax and de-stress which will significantly impact on your mental health in a positive way.


Can help to reduce anxiety

According to research, massage therapy can increase neurotransmitters which help to lower anxiety. It decreases hormones which increase the risk of anxiety.


Increases serotonin

A massage can increase serotonin levels in the body thus reducing depression and pain.


Reduces negative state of mind

Studies have shown that a massage can significantly reduce depression, anxiety and feelings of anger.


Can help sleep quality

We all know how a disturbed night can make us feel vulnerable and agitated, but a deep body massage can actually help us sleep better which can benefit us in the long run.


Can improve mental clarity

After a massage your body can feel energised which will help improve your concentration and therefore your mental clarity.