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Can I breastfeed after a c-section?

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The recovery time after having a caesarean can be difficult for a new mother and some women may wonder if it is even possible to breastfeed. The good news is that there should be no reason why you can’t breastfeed after a c-section; you may just need a little more support. Make sure to enlist as much help as possible from your partner, friends and family.
If you have had a general anesthetic you should be able to breastfeed shortly after birth as long as you feel up to it. Ask your midwife or lactation expert to help you and use plenty of pillows to prop yourself up. The best positions for breastfeeding after a caesarean section are the football hold and you can also try to nurse while lying down.
If you have been prescribed painkillers, they are generally suitable for breastfeeding mothers but always check with your doctor.
It is important to rest and drink plenty while you are recovering from the surgery so you have plenty energy to feed your new arrival!
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