Pampers have launched new innovations across their New Baby and Active Fit range, offering the best protection and care for baby’s skin.
With the new Pampers Premium Protection™ nappies, babies will receive Pampers’ best ever protection for every stage of their development. Combine these with new Pampers Sensitive wipes, and your baby is provided with a care routine that means they will feel nothing but your love.
In order to make sure they’re helping their mums in every possible way, Pampers have also established a Love Sleep & Play panel, containing experts from a range of fields who can provide top advice to parents.
GP Dr Ellie Cannon, from the Pampers' expert panel, says:  “I’m proud to be working with Pampers as they really care about what’s best for babies, constantly innovating to create great products. The new Pampers Premium Protection™ range protects and cares for your baby’s skin every step of the way, from newborn through to potty training, meaning that every new product helps to support your baby’s wellbeing.”
Here are Ellie’s top tips for caring for your baby.
Newborn skin is extra delicate
Choose products specifically designed for newborn skin  that are hypo allergenic, fragrance free and have been given the Skin Health Alliance seal of approval, which really shows that they are kind to baby’s skin
Enjoy yourself as much as possible
Remember that what matters most for your baby’s happy, healthy development is Love, Sleep & Play! Choose a nappy that gives your baby up to 12 hours of dryness and the freedom to move for hours of wonderful time together
Be thorough
Every time your baby’s skin comes in contact with poo or pee, it can be irritating and alter its natural pH balance. Choose some gentle baby wipes to protect your baby and her skin, being careful to wipe all areas including folds in the skin, as well as to mop up any messes along the way.