'A picture speaks a thousand words' 


That's according to Connie Yates, mum to little Charlie Gard - as she battles medical experts who believe her son should be allowed to 'die with dignity' and be taken off life support. 


She posted the image of Charlie with his eyes open to her Facebook page after the High Court heard Charlie wasn't able to open his eyes enough to be able to see. 


She believes it is proof Charlie deserves the chance to have further treatment in the US. 


The parents of the 10-month-old now await a decision by the European Court of Human Rights - it's after medics at Great Ormond Street Hospital advised the court that Charlie should be taken off life support. 


Charlie’s desperate parents believe that an experimental treatment available in the States could save his life, and have raised the £1.3 million they need to send him over. They have pleaded with the courts to let their tot have this final chance at survival.


This latest application, to the European courts, is their last chance to keep Charlie alive.


Thankfully, the European Court of Human Rights has given them a lifeline, by ordering that Charlie’s life-support must be continued until tomorrow at midnight. This, they held, is an 'exceptional' and 'interim' measure, while a judge considers their case.


Little Charlie suffers from a rare genetic condition known as mitochondrial depletion syndrome.



According to testimonies given throughout the court procedure, the tot is breathing with the aid of a ventilator and being fed through a tube.


While GOSH experts have petitioned to take Charlie off of life-support, believing the experimental treatment will not help him, the tot’s heartbroken parents have pleaded for him to be given a chance.


At the High Court, a solemn Mr Justice Francis rejected the parents’ appeal, saying Charlie should be allowed to ‘die with dignity’.


Chris and Connie have vowed not to give up on Charlie, however, and to fight until the very end.



According to reports, when the Supreme Court decision was handed down last week, poor Connie ran out of the courtroom crying.


We are thinking of the family at this time. We will keep you updated on the case as soon as we get any news.