Charlotte Dawson shares insight into worrying hospital emergency with baby son

Charlotte Dawson has updated her fans with a worrying health concern with her baby son.

Charlotte welcomed her son Jude into the world in July of last year, alongside her fiancé Matthew Sarsfield and their firstborn son Noah.

A few weeks after his birth, Jude experienced a terrifying case of bronchiolitis, a lung infection that is often seen in very young children.

Now, seven months after she welcomed him into the world, Charlotte has confirmed that she is back in hospital with Jude once again, as he has caught bronchiolitis for a second time.

On her Instagram stories earlier today, the 31-year-old posted an image of her youngest child, lying asleep in his hospital bed.

“Well it’s been a whirlwind 24 hours,” Charlotte penned, adding: “Like dejavu being back here in hospital with Jude!!”

Credit: Charlotte Dawson Instagram

The reality star then went on to film a video update for her 1.3M followers, as she cuddled her little boy.

“We’re back in hospital with his bronchiolitis again, but he’s not on oxygen this time. He can fight it a lot better than he did when he was seven weeks - he’s seven months now,” she explained.

“He’s just really chesty, so we had to obviously stay in hospital because of his chest and his breathing. His temperature is really high, so yeah. It’s been really scary again, but just so, so happy he can fight it a lot better than when he was a baby,” Charlotte added, noting that the pair are “in the best hands”.

“He’s still feeding, amazingly, so that’s a good sign. Still having wet nappies and stuff, so we’ve just got to keep our eye on his breathing,” she stated.

Charlotte concluded her update with another short clip of Jude asleep in hospital, writing: “Thank you for all your messages. Love you all thank god he’s on the mend… just can’t believe he had it again so scary but so glad we went to hospital. I’m exhausted, not slept hardly.”