Q: How do I stuff the bird properly?
A: New research from safefood demonstrated that it is possible to cook a safe and delicious stuffed turkey using an electric fan assisted oven only. Keep the following points in mind when cooking a stuffed turkey:
A stuffed turkey will take longer to cook then an unstuffed turkey
Prepare stuffing just before cooking
Do not overstuff the bird. The stuffing (weighing no more than 10% of the weight of the bird) should be loosely packed in the body cavity 
Cook the stuffed turkey in an electric fan assisted oven preheated to 180°C 
Follow the cooking time guidelines and instructions found here    
Ensure the centre of the stuffing is piping hot after cooking as this is the slowest part to cook in a stuffed turkey
Based on our research, we know the cooking time guidelines only apply to electric fan assisted ovens.  The same times applied to other oven types will not result in a properly cooked turkey, whether stuffed or not. Therefore, we recommend cooking stuffing outside the turkey for other oven types and following conventional cooking advice for turkey cooking times. 
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