They may be small but, boy, do babies have a lot of stuff. Nappies, clothes, toys, blankets, wipes, teddies, socks and vests, while necessary, take up precious space in the home. And while we only really have ourselves to blame for the clutter – we simply can’t resist the cuteness – it is easy to become wound up over the mess, 


Thankfully, there are plenty of storage solutions that will help ease your stress.


Use the space underneath their cot  

Utilise the space underneath the cot by investing in buckets like the above or long, low plastic containers that fit under the bed. Store items that you don't really need on a daily basis here like extra blankets, clothes that they have yet to grow into or even nappies and wipes. 


Don't stick with conventional storage options

You don't need to stick with conventional storage options. Have a look around your home or garden for items that are lying idle that could be put to better use. Storing toys and books in hanging baskets like the above is a funky and alternative way to keep things tidy - it's easy and will make clean up time a lot quicker. 


Invest is a good changing table 

Sometimes seen as a bit of a luxury that requires a lot of space, a changing table can actually help you with your storage problems. It provides a great place to keep all your baby changing needs such as nappies, wipes and lotions neatly together.


No wardrobe, no problem

Wardrobes and dressers are great pieces of furniture to have in a nursery but if you don't have the space for one, don't worry. A rail secured to a shelf against a plain wall will provide a much-needed place to hang clothes. Utilise the shelf space by using it to store toys or even blankets and towels. It doesn't have to be the second best solution to a storage problem, in fact, if done well it can make a great feature in the room


Fabric boxes make stylish solutions 

Fabric boxes in cubby holes make great storage solutions for things like socks, nappies, blankets, toys and even clothes. Go for neutral colours to give the room a calm vibe or something a little brighter to give the room warmth.


images via Pinterest