As the summer temperatures rise, many of us will be heading to the beach with our kids to cool down, however, a recent incident has highlighted the dangers of using an inflatable in the sea.


Reports are coming in from Turkey of a 10-month-old baby girl who had to be rescued by the Coast Guard after her inflatable drifted over a kilometre out to sea.


Melda Ilgin had been placed in the device by her parents but sea conditions, including a strong current, meant that she quickly floated out to sea.


According to Turkish news site BGN, lack of supervision and strong winds caused the little one to drift unnoticed.


“Between strong northern winds and the family’s lack of attention, the young girl quickly began floating off into the open sea in the direction of the Greek island of Lesbos,” they said.


"The Ilgın family went to the public beach in the town of Küçükkuyu on Friday, where they placed young Melda on a flotation device and left her in the water nearby.”



Beachgoers tried to save the little girl, but when their attempts proved fruitless the Coast Guard was called, with a member of the team staying in the water until they could pull her onto the boat.


It has not been reported if the youngster was harmed in the incident, but we really hope she is ok.