Congrats: you're a parent - the most incredible job/ achievement on earth. 


Whether you are a new mum, or you have been a mum for years, you will know that there are certain things that just stop seeming disgusting as soon as a baby arrives. 


Certain things that would have previously made your skin crawl become normal - and don't freak you out at all. 


Have a read, and let us know if you agree: 


1. Pee

Trust us when we tell you that as soon as you become a mum, pee will just become a normal part of your day. Inevitably, you will be peed on, especially if you have been gifted a beautiful baby boy, but you will just sort of accept it. It won't gross you out at all, because you'll be too in love with your bub. 



2. Snot

Runny noses are part of parenting 101, and simply cannot be avoided (no matter how hard you might try!). Arm yourself with tissues, and remember - it's just snot. 


3. Farts

Your baby is going to fart all over you, all of the time - but you will get so used to it. You probably won't even notice the farting after a while, or find the smell off-putting at all. 


4. Vomit

"Puke is disgusting - I will never be OK with it" - good one. Trust us, once your little baby starts spitting up or vomiting, you will not care. The only thing on your mind will be comforting your bub, and hoping they're not feeling too sick. 


5. Eye goo 

Honestly, when eye gunk rears its ugly head, your biggest concern will be poking your child in the eye - not the fact that you are scraping snot from the corners of their eyes with your fingers.



6. Drool

Whether it is clear, run-of-the-mill drool, or filled with tiny food particles; drool is no longer nasty. Babies drool all of the time; so much so that you might even find it cute, occasionally. 


7. Poo

The smell of it, the sight of it, seeing it all over your baby's body and clothes, and all over you - nope, none of it matters anymore. Bring it on. 


8. Blood

Your little ones are going to get a few cuts and scratches, whether you wrap them in bubble wrap or not. No amount of blood will gross you out, as priority number one is getting the wound clean and safe.