Did you find that you and your partner put on weight after tying the knot?


Well, it seems that it is an indicator of a happy relationship.


That’s right, a study has revealed that couples who put on weight together end up happier and more satisfied in their marriage.


Research from the National Center for Biotechnology Information came to the conclusion after tracking the weight, happiness and satisfaction of more than 160 newlywed couples over a period of four years.


It was found that the happiest were those who had gained weight, while pairs who stayed slim were more likely to split.


Researchers speculated that this is because those in stable relationships no longer feel like they have to attract other mates, therefore, they cut back on diets.


However, according to Your Tango, the experts also said that it is a bit of a concern, and those in relationships should still strive for a healthy lifestyle.


In other words, it might be an idea to keep those Netflix, pizza and chocolate cake nights to a minimum!