OK, we adore puppies and kittens as much as the next normal human, but there are some other really amazing baby animals out there, who deserve recognition. 


Just because we can't own a platypus or a sloth does not mean we cannot enjoy them from afar. 


Check out the CUTEST baby animals EVER (you may actually cry!)


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Baby sloth

Can we have one? PLEASE though.


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Baby platypus

Wrinkly little babies!


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Baby meerkat

Look at that little grump face.


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Baby alpaca

It's SO fluffy!


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Baby hedgehog

I literally cannot begin to cope.


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Baby orangutan

We just want to friends with this smiley little fella. 


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Baby turtle

Nothing to see here, just a little turtle eating a strawberry.


Image result for baby turtles eating


Baby koala

A real life teddy bear... CAN I HAVE HIM? 


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Baby flying squirrel

LOOK at those big eyes. 


Image result for baby japanese flying squirrel


You're welcome.