As much as we try to avoid it we all experience disappointment at some point or another, making it important that we deal with it properly.


Whether it’s a job promotion that never happened, a weight loss goal that you couldn’t reach or an exam that you didn’t do well in, it is important you tackle the disappointment head-on and not allow it to fester.


1. Don’t dwell on it

Dwelling on it is not going to help the situation but rather make you feel worse for longer. Accept it and move on otherwise you are just creating unnecessary stress for yourself.


2. Put things into perspective

It is easy to blow things out of proportion when we are feeling sad or disappointed, but, after acknowledging your feelings, put things into perspective. Just because you didn’t get the job promotion today doesn’t mean you are never going to get it – don’t give up or allow it consume you.  



3. Note your feelings

There is no right or wrong way to feel when you are disappointed – you may be angry, sad or frustrated – but you do need to acknowledge your emotions.


4. You are not a failure

Just because something didn't turn out right this time doesn’t mean it won’t the next. Everyone is disappointed at some point in their life, it doesn't mean that you are a failure. Thinking these thoughts will just make you feel worse - just remember to keep trying.