I wrote to my husband to send me something special for Christmas. (They just love when you leave them lists notes don't they!)


So he wrapped up some earrings. 'Too small,' he thought, the kids might choke on them. I'll give her something else.


So he wrapped up some... fancy underwear.


'Too big,' thought the husband. Is this really her size? I'll gift her something else. So he wrapped up a frying pan.


We really need a new one, but it is just too hard (and that might hurt when it BOUNCES off my head) thought the husband. I'll give her something else.


So he wrapped up a cookbook. 'Too scary,' thought the husband. She might poison me. I'll wrap something else.


So he wrapped up some...expensive anti-wrinkle cream. 'Actually, that is too messy if it hits the wall', thought the husband. I'll have to think of something else.


So he wrapped up some gift vouchers.


'She'll say I put no thought into my gifts', thought the husband. I'll choose something else.


So he thought very hard, and on Christmas Eve, the husband said: "I know you really want a Mulberry handbag but the kids have a list the length of their arms, so for the full month of January I'll let you lie in on the weekends."


'That's just what I've always wanted (the handbag I mean) but I'll settle for the lie in if you throw in a cuppa!' said the wife.


I love you.


Thank you, husband!

A mummy to two little fellas, just moved back to the motherland that is Fermanagh from the bright lights of London. Trying not to lose my sh*t when I'm asked "why" 10,000 times a day! Praying for a full nights sleep so I can persuade my husband to do the baby thing all over again.

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