With both my pregnancies I gave up coffee. Initially, it was because I was worried about the risk of miscarriage associated with caffeine. Then, because I had hyperemesis gravidarum and couldn't tolerate the smell of it. It didn't really matter as I was never a big coffee drinker but now, well that's a whole other story.


"Waking" up after a night of very little sleep, I drag myself into the shower. The baby is happily cooing and smiling in his cot. For once, I'm too tired to think that he is talking to ghosts. The toddler is playing with his rocket and aeroplane. He is going to space. It's all very Instagram perfect; I know I have approximately 3 minutes before that changes.


Suds are stinging my exhausted eyes as I look through the steam. I need to make sure the toddler isn't sharing his toys too enthusiastically with the baby. I can sense he will quickly start throwing random teddies into the cot so I ask him to sit outside the shower. Yes, let's play with his rocket. I shout the countdown out...5...4...3...2..1...blast off! 


I somehow manage to get everyone dressed, fed and ready for the day, but I still can't function. It's time for my "mommy crack". The sound and smell of the coffee machine sends signals to my brain. It's coming.


As I drink it up, a wave washes over me. This is what I imagine drug addict feel like when they get their hit. My eyes start to see the messy living room isn't as bad as I thought. I'm not as tired as I was. It's all going to be okay.


On behalf of all the tired mums, thank you to whoever invented coffee! What's your "mommy crack"?


Michelle Greaves: mum of two boys, writer, photographer, traveller, secondary school teacher.

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