The correct brushing of teeth is vital to prevent tooth decay, gum disease and to keep teeth clean. However, teenagers don’t always brush their teeth, they may forget or they might simply not realise the importance.  
Keep an eye out for signs that would indicate that your child isn’t brushing his teeth, for instance his toothbrush hasn’t been used, her teeth look unclean, noticing gum disease or a smell off their breath.
It’s important that parents actively encourage their teen to brush his teeth regularly. Discuss the benefits of brushing teeth is also a good place to start, for example, talk to your child about how regular brushing helps keep teeth clean and prevents bad breath and decay.
Choosing a toothbrush
There are a wide range of toothbrushes to choose from but the important things to look for are:
Soft bristles – these won’t damage your teen’s gums or tooth enamel.
A long handle – this will allow your child to reach all his teeth.
A small head – you child will be easily able to move the toothbrush around his mouth.
Electric toothbrushes are a great idea if you think your child brushes his teeth too hard.
Regardless of what toothbrush your child uses, it’s important to change brushes once every three months.
Get the dentist to show your teen the correct way to floss and explain the importance of daily flossing.
Toothpaste and fluoride
Fluoride is a mineral that aids in the development of strong teeth and bones and works towards preventing tooth decay. If your child consumes too much fluoride, it can cause ‘fluorosis’, which is a  build-up of white marks on the teeth, while this affects the appearance of the teeth, it isn’t usually a health risk.
Occasional teeth-grinding that isn’t causing your child any problems doesn’t need treatment. But if teeth-grinding is ongoing, it can cause headaches, tooth pain or jaw pain or your child’s teeth to wear down. If you notice your child doing it often, it’s a good idea to get advice from an oral health professional.
Devices to protect your child’s teeth from grinding can help and are available from your dentist. Pro Teeth Guard provides custom dental night guards for teeth grinding. Nightguards can take some time to getting used to, but positive results happen quickly. If you need more information, check Pro Teeth Guard website or book free consultation.