The first 12 months of your baby’s life is full of milestones, and it is during this period of time when you will really notice changes.
Keeping in mind that all infants develop at different stages, your little one will likely go through these milestones before they reach one.
0 – 1 month
Within a few weeks of birth, your little one will start to focus in on things like your face and will begin to turn towards sounds as their hearing is now fully developed.
1 – 2 months
From now on you will start to see your little one smile, and not just the ‘I’ve got wind smile’.
2 – 3 months
They will start to make sounds and should be able to support their own head up, especially when they are lying on their stomach. Their legs will also start to straighten up to a standing position when you are holding them.
3 - 4 months
They will start to roll over and will hold things in their hand.
4 – 5 months
During this period your little one might say their first word – most likely Dada, and will cut their first tooth. By now they will be particularly interactive with you.
5 – 6 months
Now is the time your little one will be able to sit up and hold themselves for a few minutes. They will respond to their own name, but may also start to make strange.
6 – 7 months
Your little one might start to move around at this age, try to pull themselves up off the floor and be able to crawl.
7 – 8 months
They will use their hands a lot more to grab at things, wave goodbye and start to make even more sounds. You might even start to notice that they can pull themselves up into a standing position.
8 – 9 months
Your little one will be pulling their body along the ground or actually crawling. They might try to make noise by banging things together.
9 – 10 months
By now they will have mastered the art of crawling and might even be walking while holding onto things. They will be able to point to things they want and a few might even be able to stand on their own for a couple of minutes.
10 – 11 months
They will be drinking from a sippy cup and understand when you say no to them.
11 – 12
By now your little one will be able to say a few more words, be crawling or walking with support. For a few, they might even have mastered walking on their own. They will be using their fingers to pick up food and feed on their own.
Remember, every baby is different and will develop at different stages, but, if you are concerned, talk to your GP.