Dont go big, go Lighter - the simple steps to a healthier, happier you
As we march (or stumble) into March, the 'resolutions' fad is well and truly behind us. Many diets, exercise routines, and lifestyle changes lasted past mid-February- and for that, friends, we commend you. However, if like many of us you are still wallowing in self-disappointment for the failure that was your New years' resolution, we have come up some alternative and SIMPLE steps for a healthier happier you- a lighter and far more accessible version of that January nonsense.
Carry snacks around
Hell, yes. You don't have to tell us twice to think ahead when it comes to food. If you think about food when you are NOT hungry, you are more likely to choose something healthier. Pack some raw carrot sticks or some grapes and you won't have time to think about grabbing a bag of crisps!
Choose the lighter option in the supermarket
You don’t have to live without the things you love. If cheese if your thing you can still have it, just choose the lighter version. Dubliner Lighter cheese packs a protein punch bigger than the usual favourites such as nuts (8g), avocados (0.8g) and quinoa (1.8g) per 40g, but it has 33% less fat.
Walk don't run
Hoping for a 5k run every day? Try a 2k walk instead. Use the time you wanted to put aside for fictitious 5ks to walk and practice mindfulness. Or, invite some pals and use it as a social stroll with friends – it’s SO much easier to commit to, than a gruelling run. And we guarantee your friends will agree.
Instead of listing what you won't eat, list what you will.
When you shop for groceries, don't worry about what you want to avoid. Think instead of what you want to eat and what will make you feel good. Throw in the really great stuff like fruit, vegetables, fish and chicken. Select high protein foods such as nuts, cheese and turkey – achieving your recommended daily allowance of protein will help you feel full, and stop those nagging snacking temptations.
Do NOT shop hungry
This is a big one for mammas because we tend to shop at a time when we are starving: at the end of the working day, or first thing in the morning after the school run when you’ve dropped everyone off and it’s the only free time you have. And of course you skipped breakfast. Again.
But, consider this, altering your shopping time can have a big effect on what goes into the actual trolley, you’re far more likely to proceed on a healthy sensible shop, if you aren’t hungry.
Who has time for a hobby?
If your New Year’s resolution was to get some me-time by taking up a hobby, that is JUST wonderful...
...if it worked.
However, if you simply ended up spending a fortune on NADA, why not just pick up a book? Read some reviews online and try committing to reading something you enjoy. This will serve as me-time but will also mean that if it is interrupted- let's not be unrealistic here- you can return to it whenever. Reading is a hobby that is on YOUR terms. If you are not a book worm, try something else you can do from anywhere at any time like sketching or listening to podcasts. 
Have healthier treats
For god sake don't think you can cut out all treats. If you are a sweetie person, and absolutely NEED something sweet in the evenings try alternatives. Dip ANY fruit in melted dark chocolate for dessert. Strawberries, apples, bananas - you name it you can bet we'll be fondue-ing that fruit. Dip a dark chocolate-covered rice cake into your tea or coffee, if you can't resist a dip. If it’s a savoury snack you’re after, treat yourself to lighter cheese on wholegrain crackers, or grab a bag of popcorn.
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