DSPCA partners with Allianz Insurance in massive drive to rehome over 370 animals currently in their care

The Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or DSPCA, Ireland’s oldest and largest animal rescue, today announced the launch of a new three-year partnership with the country’s largest pet insurer Allianz Insurance.

Founded in 1840, the DSPCA rescue, rehabilitate and rehome an average of over 2,500 animals every year through their adoptions and foster programme. Currently operating at full capacity, the partnership with Allianz Insurance aims to significantly boost the charity’s rehoming programme. Funding provided by Allianz Insurance will support the upgrade of increased kennel space by 50% and improve enrichment for the animals while waiting on their new homes.

The cost-of-living crisis and return to office in the wake of the pandemic means that the DSPCA has experienced a dramatic increase in the number of animals in need of its services with pet owners feeling the pressure more than ever. The charity has recorded an increased intake of more than 35% since March 2022. The DSPCA’s intake of small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and reptiles alone has now doubled.

“We are delighted to have the continued support of Allianz Insurance, an organisation that understands and is aligned with the mission and values of the DSPCA. Their ongoing support, which we are very grateful for significantly contributes towards the work of the DSPCA in rescuing, rehoming and rehabilitating animals and advancing the animal welfare landscape in Ireland.” said Pat Watt, CEO of the DSPCA.

The increased intake of animals and surging costs of running the day-to-day operations of the shelter, such as the ambulance service, veterinary supplies and specialist food, means funding from the public and organisations such as Allianz Insurance is critical to ensuring the DSPCA can continue to care for the most vulnerable animals in our community. Donations also ensure the DSPCA veterinary team has enough medication, specialist equipment and facilities to provide the best possible care for every animal that the charity rescues, both domestic and wild.

Allianz Insurance is proud to celebrate 10 years of partnership with the DSPCA by also sponsoring ‘The Shelter: Animal SOS’ on RTÉ One. The programme highlights the incredible work done by the DSPCA in supporting and caring for vulnerable animals and promoting the importance of responsible pet ownership.

Speaking on the announcement at the DSPCA’s shelter in Rathfarnham, Co. Dublin, Chief Underwriting Officer at Allianz Insurance, Helen Merry said; “We are delighted to continue our support for the DSPCA. At Allianz Insurance, protection is at the core of what we do and through this partnership, we can ensure that protection extends to the safety and enrichment of animals coming into the sanctuary, while they wait on their new homes.”

Recent research by Allianz Insurance found that 57% of the population own a pet, and 90% of pet owners in the country consider their pet to be another member of their family.

“Animals can bring so much enjoyment to the lives of their owners, and our recent survey shows that there are also huge benefits with 95% of pet owners stating their pet positively contributes to their mental and physical health and are good companions when feeling alone or isolated. This is why we would encourage those looking to own a pet to visit the DSPCA,” continued Helen Merry.