Dublin mum to open a sensory barbers for those with additional needs

For many of us, getting a fresh haircut is somewhat of a treat — it’s an indulgence to let someone else look after you for a change. However, this isn’t exactly the case for everyone.

Emma Doyle, a single mum-of-five from Dublin is a carer to her own son who has Asperger's Syndrome and knows all too well the challenges that can arise for children and adults with additional needs when it comes to receiving a haircut.

“For a person with additional needs, like autism, who often struggle with the environment of a regular barbers, the noises, small spaces, bright lighting, and fast pace can just be so overwhelming and too much to take. For a wheelchair user in Dublin to find a barber shop that they can access freely is nearly impossible!” she explained. 

That’s why it’s Emma’s dream to open her very own sensory barbers for children and adults with additional needs. By setting up a GoFundMe page, Emma aims to make this dream a reality. 

She hopes to raise enough funds to open a fully equipped sensory sensitive and wheelchair accessible barbers in Dublin . She plans to make the barbers a calming space with adjustments that can make the process of a haircut a totally different experience for clients.

Emma has recently completed a barbering course in order to fulfil this venture. As a single mum-of-five to children with ages ranging from one to sixteen years, Emma says, “I personally understand what a shop like this would mean to people and their lives, and I fully understand the care and patience that will be needed for this venture. I cannot wait to start!”

The GoFundMe page currently has a goal of raising €10,000, with donations just starting to come in at €160. To find out more or to make your own donation, check out Emma’s GoFundMe page here.