Just as we do our homes on a yearly basis it is important we all declutter our minds in order to relieve stress, remove tension and live happy, fulfilled lives. While it might sound a bit silly or even unachievable, there are plenty of ways to free up space in your head.


Follow these top tips and you will feel a weight lift off your shoulders:


1. Zone out

Spend about five minutes of each day shutting yourself off to having to apply, process or interpret information.


2. Draw

Let your creative side flow by drawing a picture of the particular emotion you are feeling at that time.



3. Avoid too much media

What you unconsciously or consciously allow into your mind is playing havoc on your opinions and judgements so turn off your social media platforms for a good portion of the day.


4. Exercise

Take about 20 minutes out of your day to go for a run, brisk walk, swim or all three to help clear your thoughts and reduce your stress levels.


5. Just let it go

If something is really bugging you or causing you stress before you allow it take over think about why it is in your head, and either sort it out or just let it go.