As a new mum, it’s common to be anxious about the health of your baby. You want to know that they’re doing well and reaching the milestones they’re supposed to be reaching – but spending hours online searching for sings of ill health is just stressful, so instead here are eight signs that your baby is doing just fine:
Interested in new sounds
It takes a while for a baby to separate specific sounds from the general noise of the real world (it’s much quieter in the womb), but when you see them react to a specific sound such as music or someone laughing, you’ll know that their hearing is developing properly.
They’re gaining weight and needing nappy changes regularly
If you’re changing between eight and ten wet nappies a day and your baby is putting on weight, you know your baby is getting enough milk, so you can relax on that front.
Baby is paying attention to things
If your baby is taking a few minutes each day to sit quietly and focus on something, it’s a good sign that they’re taking in the things going on around them and processing information. Their eyesight gets better after one month so they’re better able to take in visual cues.
Turns away from bad smells
If you baby turns his head away for bad smells, it’s a sign that their sense of smell is as it should be. They will know your smell though and it’ll be a source of comfort for them.
Patterns, colours, movements
By the time your baby is one month old, they should be able to see up to 18 inches away, so they’ll start tracking patterns and bright colours, as well as things that move such as your ceiling fan or their mobile.
Eye contact, smiles and giggles
Babies usually start to make eye contact after about one month, and smiling after two. You have to wait till about the fourth month for a laugh, but it is totally worth it. Reaching these milestones show that your baby is interacting and becoming more social.
They are soothed at the sound of your voice and touch
It’s normal for babies to cry a lot but they should calm down once you give them a cuddle and talk to them. They know the sound of your voice from when they were in the womb and being wrapped up close to you, recreates that safe feeling for them. When your baby reacts like this it’s a good sign of their emotional development.
Cries less, sleeps more
Your baby’s nervous system will mature after a couple of months and you’ll find that they’re sleeping for longer between feeds at night and crying less. Some babies take longer than others to get there, so don’t worry if yours has a bit to go.