Embrace Blue Monday today, with this empowering advice from The Headplan

We're in the midst of the Sunday of the year, it’s cold, your social battery needs recharging, and the reality of a low bank balance is hitting home. This week we’re challenging you to turn it around, and instead of Blue Monday, think of it as a New Monday. This is an opportunity to reset your mind, put pen to paper and cement some goals for 2024. The past two weeks were a trial run, this is where your new year really begins.

You don’t need to book a holiday or a one way ticket out of town, you need to prioritise your mind. January blues are almost unavoidable but it’s also usually a much needed opportunity for reflection.

The Head Plan founder, Denise Kenny-Byrne

Life coach, wellness guru and co-founder of best-selling wellness brand The Head Plan, Denise Kenny-Byrne, shares her 5 Top Tips for a positive mindset:

Start your day:

Start the day right with a good morning routine can make all the difference. Take time to wake up well, step outside to for some fresh air, eat a healthy breakfast, and choose a positive affirmation to start the day. 

(I like to pick a card from The Head Plan X Roxie Nafousi Mantra cardsand then repeat it 5 times to rewire my subconscious, ready to start the day with a positive mindset.)


I’ve always been an advocate for drinking plenty of water and at this time of year it’s especially important. The Christmas party season combined with sitting in artificial heat in the office all day can leave you dehydrated. It’s essential to get that fluid in.

(The Head Plan’s 1 litre Daily Drench has inspirational markers every 100ml to keep you motivated and mindfully hydrating throughout the day.)

The Head Plan’s 1 litre Daily Drench here.

Task list:

Ticking off your list can feel very rewarding and creating one in the first will not only help organise your day but also your mindset. Having a clear list of tasks in mind gives you a feeling of purpose and guidance.

(The Productivity Pad is my ‘can’t live without’ desk accessory. A space to list all my daily tasks, jot down thoughts as they come in and keep on top of daily goals for maximum productivity.)

The Head Plan’s Goal Getter Bundle here.

Your mind:

Reflect and take note of what’s going around your mind. One great way to great a positive mindset is to clear your head, brain dump all thoughts onto paper to reduce stress, and take back control.

(The Head Plan Productivity & Wellness Journal is a great place to unload and get all your tasks and activities out.)


Take time to appreciate the good in each day – there’s always some! Carve out fifteen minutes each evening to take stock of the day you just experienced. I like to practice gratitude by putting pen to paper (...in my Gratitude Journal. It’s also a lovely reminder of good times when things get tough.)