Having a wide circle of friends is so important for your not just your social life but your emotional wellbeing as well. In fact, according to research, having just a small circle of friends can actually be more detrimental to your health than drinking or eating too much.


If you are always saying no to invitations to dinner or are forever fobbing off girls’ nights out, the following eight reasons why you need friends in your life will make you change your mind:


1. Friendship offers support through the rough times

Whether it’s a break up or a job loss, a friend can help support you in ways no one else can.


2. Friends help you feel connected

Feeling disconnected to the world can cause depression and encourages us to sink into isolation. 


3. They help you develop positive self-esteem

Extremely important in helping you reach your goals, feel good about yourself and feel better able to cope. 


4. Friends can make you feel happier

The happier you feel the less stressed you are likely to be.



5. Friends can inspire you to reach your goals

Without support and inspiration from our friends many of us wouldn’t be where we are today.


6. They offer a listening ear

A true friend is someone who will sit and listen to you without judgement.


7. You can be yourself around them

You feel comfortable, relaxed and honest when you are with your friend.


8. You can learn important life lessons from them

No matter how close you are with each other, friends can be incredibly different in terms of taste and opinions – a great way to give you perspective on life.