Jamie Oliver has been a household name and a living room staple since the 90s.


On his mission to have our meals whipped up in 15 minutes and the nation eating health, his famous face has been everywhere.


The celebrity chef recently served up some home truths about his time in the limelight.



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Confessing to the Guardian, the dad-of-five expressed his dislike for fame. 


"Every day I wish I wasn’t famous." 


Nevertheless, he did say that he was grateful for the "nice people" his has encountered along the way. 


The chef is renowned for making simple, but healthy meals that are accessible to everyone.



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Humbly he credits this to why his job is such a pleasure. 


"Getting more people to shop in a healthier way, cooking together and having a laugh is a pretty damn good job to have, so I’m super grateful. I think being grateful is the secret to happiness," he said. 


Taking his healthy eating initiative further, Jamie launched an #AdEnough campaign in April.


His aim is to ban companies advertising junk food directly to children.



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The chef's goal is close to home as he is a dad to Poppy, 15, Daisy, 14 and Petal, nine, Buddy, seven, and River, one.


He shares his five children with wife, Jools Oliver.


The couple were childhood sweethearts and tied the knot in June 2000. 


Jools, his kids and good whiskey is the 41-years-old's secret for turning off from work.